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mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

The Western Digital company executed the device in the fashionable aluminum body, added FireWire 800 port to USB 2.0, plus supplies gadget originally formatted for OS X, to demonstrate to the clients the accessory of its external memory My Book Studio to the line of Mac accessories.

Although, if you want, this product can be easily used with Windows-PCs. Much more interesting gadgets for Mac-universe were proposed by the mLogic company. For example, the drive mDock is equipped with a set of ports as well as MacBook Pro, and mBack standby storage is attached to the back of the iMac, do not occupy any space on your desktop. But everything is one after another.

2 mLogic mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

When mDock is connected to any MacBook Pro Unibody-model, an accessory blocks all the ports of the laptop. In fact, they are transferred to the external memory, whose capacity is 500 GB or 1 TB. There is a reasonable question raised, why does a user need it? It’s simple – if the laptop is used as a PC desktops, mDockis is a kind of hub for all the external devices that can be easily connected or disconnect in a second without the hassle in the mass of wires. This is useful when you need to take a laptop with you unexpectedly.

3 mLogic mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

4 mLogic mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

Among all the features the presence of the regular port mini DisplayPort instead of Thunderbolt, and the support of the Time Machine should be mentioned. The cost of the 500 GB mDock model is $220, terabyte – $300.

5 mLogic mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

mBack is an ordinary external memory with the capacity from 1 to 3 TB, which can be used for data backup with Time Machine help and as a capacious “file dump.” The greatest interest is an accessory attachment system to the back of the iMac stand, or Thunderbolt Display. It is located in a special recess for the cable without taking any space on your desktop. Depending on the size, the cost of the gadget can range from $170 to $350.

6 mLogic mLogic Recovered MacBook Pro Interface Ports

Another interesting device from mLogic – is mLink. The device is an external docking station for the PCIe expansion cards, which connects to Mac through Thunderbolt port. The price of the product is $400.

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