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Make the Most of Your A-Level Chemistry Course With These Apps

Chemistry is a fantastic subject that offers a whole host of fantastic opportunities after school. Luckily for students there are a whole host of iPad apps that can be a great accomplice to learning and we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best.

Chemical Reactions Lite

This is a great fun app and one that a lot of younger children engaging in chemistry will love. The app is based around a game. The puzzle is to stop the Doctor’s lab going up in flames by using the correct chemicals in the lab to treat the chemical fires. It’s a fun way for children to test their chemistry knowledge and also learn more about reactions.

K12 Periodic Table of Elements

This great table allows for students to explore the elements and the attributes of elements in an easy way that facilitates learning and is also useful for helping with homework.

Molecule Rush

Created to be used alongside the Build a Molecule Model exhibit that a lot of children partake in. This app is great for children who find it hard to relate to the subject and the aim is to allow users to recreate molecules. If they manage to do so they can move to more difficult levels of the game. It’s a great app and very engaging.


The name says a lot. This app allows students to examine molecules in three dimensions – they simply use the pinch and zoom gestures or pan the molecules with the devices touch screen as they see fit. This allows for a greater degree of visualisation and it’s a great app for eager learners.

Oresome Elements

This interactive game makes learning about the periodic table and some of their properties and uses fun. It’s perfect for children undergoing their A-levels thanks to the degree of depth it offers and many tutors also encourage people to download it outside of school. It’s a lot of fun and ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about the elements.

Painless Chemistry Challenge

This book based app, from the Barron’s Painless book series is fun and also exciting and users can test their knowhow in the arcade challenge option. It’s a lot of fun and one children that want to learn more should download to their tablet. A lot of chemistry tutors like to encourage children to use this app for lessons.

Nova Elements

This great app explains why the periodic table is shaped the way it is and makes it easy and clear for users to see why certain objects and elements are where they are on the table, as well as the properties that make up everyday items. For example, it will show the elements that combine in a cup of coffee and even has a quiz game on the subject. It’s essentially created to engage the user and probably one of our favourite chemistry apps out there – definitely one to download according to FirstTutors.

These are just some of the best chemistry apps out there for children to download and enjoy and if you’re doing a GCSE or A-Level in the subject, or just have an interest, take a look.

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