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Make a Stunning Book eCover by Your Own

You just finished your book. It is fabulous and you simple know that. You have already imagined a reader’s stampede to a bookshop or tons of downloads of its e book version. You the man. The Writer.

However, it seems that’s one tiny step separates you from the truly euphoria and signing a number of contracts and autographs. You do not have a cover for your newborn artistic baby! You do not even know how to create an eCover. The panic starts slowly to crawl over your freezing feet.

And before you spend the last buck for the professional book cover designer, consider doing it with your own. It is not cheap to hire a professional. After exploding internet and self- publishing, it becomes a gainful job. There is more and more „expert“ that offers their services. Just do not hurry. There will be time for paying others to work for you.

After all, who knows your book better than you do? You know what is the book about, the main ideas and messages. Take advantage of that to create original and catchy book cover.

There are tons of the eCover maker sites and software products that you can use. For some you have to spend some money, while the others are completely free. And yes, the free ones are just sufficient for the job you need.

Before you start to make your first book cover, take some time to pick up some tricks and see how things working. Every program has its own rules and options, so prepare for little researching. For the guy who just wrote the book, that should not be a problem.

In the most cases, the free programs have a significant number of the themes, color schemes and fonts, so it is more than easy to get almost everything you want. Just do not overdrive with creative. The minimalist concept is sometimes more effective than a strategy of the colorful peacock.

Of course, the free programs have a limited number of examples and options, so beware of repeating and generic solutions.

It is good to know that some of the greatest publishing sites, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Create space, has its own cover creators that you can use for free. Always keep in mind that publishing sites may require different sizes of your book cover. As we already said, a little research is a good way to start.

At the end, just one thing. If you somehow do not make a brilliant success in the literature, you might consider making a career in the book cover design. There is a significant award for this job, which annually awarded Design Observer. So keep practicing and meet you there.

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