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Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!


Nobody likes wires! What we should like them for? They only confuse and hinder normal life. It is also understood in Apple, but they don’t offer solutions for liberation from the “web” of earphones. Bluetooth can’t boast of the quality of sound, and wired earplugs have a unique property of the mess, even if they just putted on a flat surface. The solution of the problems was as effective as stylish. Meet Magneat.

Magneat2 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

The product comes in a pretty packaging. It is pleased that normal box weren’t spared for such small things. It happens that even earphones are included into the bag. And here … It’s very difficult to understand what might be lurking inside when you see a small black box with a transparent area in the front the first time. Looks like a normal icon. You know people sell such, clinging to the pin, on the streets. No, Magneat – is something else.

Magneat3 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

Magneat4 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

Extract the contents. We see in front of us a neat disk that has the middle groove. On the front side the figure is usually applied, and the back one consists of two magnets are fastened to each other. Not everyone immediately understands how to handle them, but carefully glued plastic sheet says: “Do not try to open and slide the peaces!” What is not surprising, the advice really helps to separate the magnets.

Magneat5 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

Magneat6 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

It’s not hard to guess that it would be logical to combine both sides, but so that between them there is a shirt or almost any other clothes. Magneat is tighed, but it is easy to move to the most convenient place. Then it all work for your imagination and how you want to apply the product. You can wind the excess wire into the recess, so they do not hang out while listening to music, or hang on Magneat whole skein of headphones at a time when you do not really need them. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of magnets: headphones can always wait in the hallway on the metal surface.

Magneat7 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

In order company’s decision is not only functional but stylish; it was decided to put on the front surface of the disc a different image, as I wrote above. There are many options: from all kinds of inscriptions to patterns and pictures. Everyone can find at their taste. For those who need a highly functional part, there are one-color options, without unnecessary frills and incomprehensible.

Magneat8 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

Magneat9 Magneat: Down With Intricate Wire!

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