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Leica i9 — Concept, But What

Leica i9

To combine premium-camera Leica M9 and smartphone iPhone 4 in one device – what a strange idea? But designers are peculiar for their ideas of combining incompatible things. If anywhere there were a contest for the most beautiful camera case, design of the studio Black Design Associates would, without doubt, bear away the bell.

leicai9 2 Leica i9 — Concept, But What
leicai9 3 Leica i9 — Concept, But What

You can appraise the appearance of the concept by its pictures. It looks, in fact, very and very interesting. Among the basic peculiarities of the case pointed out by developers:

  • Optical zoom with a possibility of focal length control;
  • Superior Leica rangefinder, allowing continuous shooting;
  • Removable back parts, for providing compatibility of the case with next iPhone generations;
  • Special applet Leica for iPhone – to replace standard Camera;
  • Zoom/volume control. Being in the applet, you can control optical zoom by means of controller situated above. Out of applet, controller will act the part of volume regulator;
  • Possibility of manual timing and diaphragm setting;
  • Full functionality of iPhone – special apertures are provided for mini jack, light sensor, external camera etc.;
  • Separate flash on the camera case.

leicai9 4 Leica i9 — Concept, But What

But it is not even functionality of the case which is the most interesting, but ideology, put by designers into it. In their understanding, the life cycle of iPhone cannot exceed 4 years, while for Leica M9 it is about 20. The price of iPhone with a contract – $199 to $299, price of M9 – from $7000. Creating camera case Leica i9 (a good name, isn’t it?), developers want to get something average, with life cycle from 5 to 10 years and price from $900 to $1200. Thus, both groups of audience are planned to be covered – iPhone-users and photographers-amateurs.

leicai9 5 Leica i9 — Concept, But What

Of course, it’s just a concept, and if it ever hits the market – still remains a big question. But idea is devilishly nice.

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