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KiSSFLOW: Dont Go by Name – its a BPM Beast!

KiSSFLOW can be considered to be a new approach in the world of business process owners, as it is the first workflow product built especially for Google Apps. By using this ingenious software you will be able to overcome the common, but never ending problems such as receiving an e-mail and having trouble finding the right person to take care of the issues that are presented there, staying true to your business’s initial goals and plans and generally maintaining an organized and productive working space. This way, business can grow at its full potential and your employees will always have a smile on their faces and a strong dose of determination in their hearts.

How does a workflow management system do its magic? In essence, a workflow system is compounded by models. Each of these models has certain tasks and between those tasks there are certain dependencies. This way, every task is activated only after the previous one has been completed. Therefore, our product is simple, efficient and easy to use.

Aren’t you convinced why you should choose KiSSFLOW, our workflow management software yet? Well, let us introduce you the benefits of automating your business process:

• It saves you, as a business owner, lots of time and because we all know that time equals money, the conclusion is obvious. You will have more time to deal with the important stuff, the one that really needs your attention, while letting KiSSFLOW, our workflow software, take care of the defined sequence of tasks.

• Each task will be automatically activated when the previous task will have been completed, so that no activity is left unfinished.

• Every employee will know his specific role in the company, the confusion will be left aside and the company will significantly increase its productivity. KiSSFLOW, our workflow management software will delegate every e-mail and every other task to the person who is in charge of it.

• You will help the Planet. By using a software like this you will no longer need to use paper to keep track of every single task that has to be done for your business. Moreover, you will be able to share the information faster and more efficiently. Time is saved, our Planet is happy and your business is organized.

• In addition, KiSSFLOW is also the only workflow software on the market that has been built for Google Apps, so if you are a Google user (and if you aren’t, we are sure the situation is about to change) there will be no need to fill your office with post-it notes or to occupy your notebook with information from the different Google accounts that you are using: you will be able to access all your documents, contacts and the rest of important stuff from your Google accounts in one place, straight from your workflow. Now, this is technology taken to a whole new level!

Therefore, work wisely. You time is valuable and so is your business – invest in the KiSSFLOW’s pack that best suits your company and start making a difference.

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Chris Warren is interested in Apple technology and how it works. He writes reviews of the applications for iOS and Max OS X, as well as reviews of different devices and accessories for Apple equipment. His free time he spends in the company of friends and acquaintances, most of the time joking and smiling. In private hands – iPhone 4 and iMac 24.
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