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Jelly All Stars Full – A Game to Test Your Dexterity and Concentration

Can you imagine playing a game with jelly? Get ready to solve a unique puzzle in which you need to sort out jelly blocks of different shapes, arrange them in groups and then break them down. Jelly All Stars Full is an iPhone app which comes with plenty of interesting levels packed with exciting  challenges. This app improves your concentration and the speed of your reflexes.

Jelly All Stars Full is a puzzle app that demands for a lot of quick action. You will have to move jellies, combine them to create different shapes, redirect them etc., to score points and move to subsequent levels. The app has many stimulating challenges that will enhance your decision-making skills and ability to organize things. It is available in various languages like Spanish, French, Thai and Chinese.

Once you tap on the New game option, the jellies start dropping down from the bar that is placed at the top right corner of the screen. You have to start sorting them out by grouping those of the same color together. Jelly All Stars Full provides you with 4 navigation arrows that help you in reordering the jellies, whenever required. Remember that forming a large collection of jellies of the same color can increase your score to a significant extent.

The app has some power-ups like a Diamond, Arrow and Detonator, which can boost your score. When you drop the Detonator on the sorted jellies, they burst into tiny stars and provide you with more space. Watch out for angry jellies, which come to your play area to disturb the jellies that you have sorted. Just destroy those jellies using the right power-up to move on to the next level. You will have to put in more effort to hit the top score as you move on to subsequent levels, as the jellies drop down with increasing speed.

The app’s exciting gameplay engages you for hours together. Jelly all Stars Full has astounding background music and cartoonish graphics, which suit the game’s theme. The tutorial provides a clear explanation of what you will find in the app and how things work. The app’s leaderboard lets you view the scores of other players, and this provides you with the motivation to better your performance. I would have liked to see options to share scores via social media like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, the number of levels in the game is not mentioned anywhere in the app, leaving users unable to track their progress.

Jelly All Stars Full has great replay value and is suitable for people of all ages. It costs $0.99 and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later versions. The app also has a free version named Jelly All Stars Light.

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