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Is It Still Worth It to Purchase the iPhone 5?

The 2012 flagship iPhone 5 is no longer sold by Apple. However, third-party retailers keep selling it as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 6, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. With holiday shopping at its peak, many consumers are taking a closer look at the iPhone 5. However, is it sill worth purchasing? Let’s examine the matter more closely.

Apple Introduction

Apple introduced the iPhone 5 in fall of 2012. It succeeded the iPhone 4s and introduced several new features. It was the first iPhone that offered the 4-inch larger display. The iPhone 5 was also the first iPhone that came with 4G LTE support. It featured a new premium aluminium design. In addition, it was the first phone carrying Apple’s Lightning standard, along with improvements to the processor and camera.

When the iPhone launched, it came out at the usual Apple price point of around £600. Thanks to all of it feature and affordable price tag, millions of the devices have been sold all over the world.

The iPhone 5s was introduced by Apple last year, as successor to the iPhone 5. In addition, the company introduced the iPhone 5c, which was a cheap plastic iPhone intended as a budget option to the flagship model iPhone 5s. Instead of retaining the iPhone 5 with its cheap price, Apple decided to kill it off for good.

No Longer Produced

Although the iPhone is not produced any longer, you can still find it on sales at sites such as eBay, where it is sold by third-party retailers for a fraction of its original cost. For many who would love to buy into Apple’s ecosystem but don’t want to have to pay top dollar for it, it’s a very exciting proposition. Since there are some that are still around, it makes it a potential option for individuals looking to purchase an affordable smartphone for their loved ones or themselves.

In 2012 the iPhone 5 was a very attractive phone, and given the recent iOS 8 update and very attractive price, I keep getting questions about its value.

It is difficult to give an answer to the question that will apply to everyone, since everybody’s situation is somewhat different. However I will take the bait and attempt to answer the question for as many people as possible. So we will be looking at both sides of the issue in order to do that.

Why Should You Purchase the iPhone 5

It is very hard recommending a smartphone that is over two years old. However, there are a couple of good reasons why you may want to think about purchasing a second hand iPhone 5 either right now or sometime in the near future.

For one thing it is cheap. That is the first and most obvious reason. We have seen an unlocked iPhone 5 price point at under $300. That is around $300 off of the iPhone 6 off-contract cost and a lot less expensive than the off-contract for the iPhone 5 through Apple and other retailers.

You may also want to think about purchasing the iPhone for yourself or someone else who doesn’t care if they have all of the latest and greatest features. The design of the iPhone 5 is first-rate, and most games can be handled by the processor. The screen is also quite solid. Two years later, this is still a very well built phone.

If you purchase the iPhone 5, you will also have access to lots of cheap accessories since the prices have dropped as the phone’s demand has declined. You can save lots of money on cases and other accessories since they don’t cost as much as they used to.

If you aren’t a real fanatic about software updates, it is also worth considering. Currently the iPhone 5 runs on iOS 8. It should be bumped up to the iOS 9 update next year. After that, there is a possibility that it will become stuck. If you don’t plan on keeping the phone for over a year, it is definitely worth taking a look at.

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