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iPhone 7 Apps For Creative People

The iPhone 7 has been out for a while now and developers have had plenty of time to create and release some great apps and games for it. Chances are you’ve already downloaded the new versions of your old favorites, but things have moved forward since then. There are so many brilliant apps and features for the more creatively minded out there. If you aren’t taking advantage of all these new applications then you aren’t getting the best out of your iPhone 7. There are also some new features that you might not be aware of yet. Here is a handy guide to help you get the most out of your new phone.


There are a few great features on the new iPhone that can help you save a lot of time. We are constantly checking our phones all day everyday so having to press the unlock button every single time is probably cutting precious minutes out of our day. Anybody that is still doing it is living in the past. Those days are over, now you can unlock iPhone 7 by just picking it up.

Have you ever been in the perfect photo situation, but by the time you manage to unlock your phone and get in position, the action is over? We’ve all been there. With the quick camera function on the new iPhone you can swipe right on the unlock screen and get straight to the camera, so you never miss the action again.

It’s also waterproof, so if you’re clumsy, don’t worry about dropping it in a puddle. Apple claims that it will sustain complete submersion. You can try if you like but don’t hold us responsible if it’s broken when you fish it out of the river.


Procam 4
The latest iPhone is renowned for its excellent camera. It can take brilliant quality photos, but if you are serious about your pictures, you can improve it even more. The latest version of Procam adds plenty of new filters and editing options to take your selfies to the next level.

While Procam does offer a lot of good editing features, if you want a more professional editing suite on your phone, then check out lightroom. It offers pretty much all of the same features as the desktop version and fits right in your pocket.

Lightroom and Procam 4 offer lots of brilliant features that can help you to fine-tune your photographs, but if you want to do something a bit more inventive with your pictures then you should get hold of Pixelmator. It’s more geared towards creating artwork and incorporates lots of digital painting and text editing functions. It has been described as a small scale photoshop that fits in your pocket.

Korg Gadget
For the more musically minded, you can bring all the power of the Korg synth to your phone. There are plenty of different sounds to use and a great sequencer that theoretically would allow you to create full tracks on your phone.

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