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IPad POS System Benefits

For businesses an iPad POS systems can be very beneficial and save a lot of time, effort and money when it comes to taking orders and keeping tabs on stock. We’ve taken a closer look and have compiled a list of benefits of these iPad POS systems for business – take a look.

Short Learning Curve

The user experience offered by the iPad POS is practically painless. Unless you haven’t ever used a tablet before, the fact that it is so easy to use makes it very easy to train staff (or for customer use with kiosk-type models). POS systems such as those provided by Orca Inventory are very straightforward, simple and fast.


These days there is an increased risk of credit card fraud, device hacks and data breaches, which makes security more important than ever for all businesses. Credit card data on POS systems is encrypted and also isn’t stored directly on the iPad. Another really good benefit when it comes to security is that the Apple iOS offers some of the best cyber security measures for its class. Here are some of the most important details:

A combination of data encryption methods and hardware are used by Apple iOS in order to prevent firmware and software from directly reading certain information from your device, as well as other devices when you transfer your memory card over to a different device. Also, there are several different user-controlled security measured used by Apple to prevent the device from being accessed directly, including passcodes as well as time delays when the passcode is entered incorrectly.

Forward Thinking

Although iOS software is considered notorious for forcing upgrades on users, it is very important to keep up to date with industry standards and security measures that will safeguard your customers’ information. It also helps to ensure that the software continues to run at its optimum level. Speed of the cloud is another benefit.

Faster Checkouts

Thanks to the continuously-updating iPad software and how fast the cloud is, checkout times have a tendency to be faster. Offline modes are also offered by some POS providers that enable you to keep accepting payments even if the network connection goes down.

Customer Engagement Tools

Increased customer engagement tool access is one of the major benefits that an iPad POS offers. These include customer tracking tools, paper versus electronic receipts, and marketing capabilities to assist you with integrating the systems that monitor customer relations and customer transactions.

Powerful Features

There are many different iPad POS systems that come with powerful features that traditional systems do not offer. Some of these features include loyalty solutions, shipping integrations, restaurant direct ordering and inventory tracking.

Reporting Capabilities

Reporting tracking is more in depth than it ever has been with the central system having multiple features integrated directly into it. It provides you with actionable and reliable details about the behavior of your customers, and also provides information that can help you with efficiently managing your business.

Cost Savings

The cost to run many of the traditional POS systems that are available ranges from being expensive to prohibitive, particularly if there are specific features you are looking for. With an iPad POS system that is powered by the cloud, start-up costs are much less and more readily available for any business owner that has a reliable internet connection and iPad.

Larger Tips

For those that are part of the hospitality industry, iPad POS systems that are customer-facing and help to facilitate ordering and payments for customers, are known for encouraging larger tips. Software Advice conducted a study that had three interesting conclusions about tipping when using an iPad. The first one was that a majority of customers didn’t have any problems using their iPads to tip. Second of all, 86% of customers have a preference for inputting the tips themselves instead of having a server do it. Third of all, 29% indicated that having the option to “opt out” would increase the chances of leaving a tip if customers were forced on the order to choose between marking “no tip” or leaving a tip. This shows how effective guilt trips can be.

Boosts Your Image

If your business is well-established in the neighborhood, then you can probably keep using an old terminal for a while and get away with it. However, transitioning over to using an iPad POS systems does certain make a statement that you are forward thinking? The iPad is current, runs well, looks cool and resonates with the technology-crazed society of today.


The iPad POS helps to make it more accessible for entrepreneurs without a lot of capital to launch a small business. It also provides a solution that is more centralized for operating a successful business. The iPad POS has taken the lead, until various alternatives emerge.

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