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How To Take Amazing Photographs For Instagram With Your iPhone

Want to take better photographs with your iPhone for your Instagram accounts and in turn more followers.

These tips are there to help you get more Instagram people looking at your photos and also will help you in the general photo taking area. Take a look and see below:

  1. The Background Matters

Pay attention to the background when you take a photograph. There might be people in the background, vehicles or other elements that would distract from the main subject of your photograph. Clear the table around your plate for food shots. Don’t hesitate to ask people to move or to try different angles to get the perfect background for your shot. Remember that your background should complement the main point of focus of your shot and not direct attention away from it.

  1. Use Grid Lines

If you have been using the iPhone’s camera app to take photographs, you have probably noticed that there are very few options available. However, you can use the grid lines to align your shot. You can find this feature by tapping on Settings and then on Photos & Camera. Enable grid lines and you will see a grid when you take a photograph. You can use these lines to align your shot with the horizon or to slightly skew your photograph and create a more original effect.

Are you familiar with the rule of thirds? This is a rule that photographers use to build their shots. Use the grid lines to divide your image in three sections and try placing the main point of focus as close as possible to one of the points of intersections. The human eye will be naturally drawn to these points and will actually not look at the dead center of the photograph. A lot of novice photographers tend to place their main element at the center of their photographs, but you can create more interesting shots by following the rule of thirds. Use it when you photograph people and objects and try placing the horizon line close to one of these lines if you want to take a picture of a landscape.

  1. Use The Lock Focus Feature

Most iPhones give you the possibility to lock the focus on your subject. You can then move around and adjust other settings to create the perfect shot.

You can enable the Auto-Focus feature by pressing on the point where you want the focus to be. You will see the focus box and will be able to adjust the exposure on the left of this box. A small icon that looks like a sun will appear and you can adjust the exposure by tapping on this icon and sliding up or down to make the exposure brighter or darker. You will see a small lock icon at the top of your iPhone screen to indicate that the focus and the exposure have been locked.

You can then make a few changes to your composition without losing the point of focus or changing the exposure. However, your shot might end up being too dark or too bright if you lock the exposure and end up changing your location. You can undo the lock by tapping anywhere on the screen. If you don’t tap on the screen, the lock will remain in place as you take several shots.

  1. Adjust the Exposure

There aren’t a lot of manual controls on the iPhone but you can adjust a few features. You can adjust the exposure before taking a photograph with your iPhone.

The exposure will adjust automatically when you take a photograph and this is usually a good way to get a well-lit shot. However, it is best to manually adjust the exposure to create a more original effect or to take a good photograph when the lighting is not ideal. Tap on the area of the photograph where you want the point of focus to be and a sun icon will appear. Tap on this icon and drag it up or down depending on how you want to adjust the exposure for your shot.

If you hold on this icon, the focus and the exposure will be locked. You can unlock the focus and exposure by tapping anywhere on your screen.

  1. Use Auto HDR

High Dynamic Range or HDR photographs are actually compositions of several shots taken with different exposure levels. This is an interesting way to create images with high contracts and with sharp details. Some photographers base their entire style around this technique while others see it more as a niche. HDR is not very easy to do if you have a digital SLR camera.

HRD is a technique that allows you to create sharp details because it uses different levels of exposure. Details are added to areas with darker shadows and area that would look too bright with a certain level of exposure are protected from over-exposure. You can use this technique to take a good photograph of a person standing with their back to a bright window.

If you use the Auto HDR feature on your iPhone, your camera will automatically use this technique when tricky lighting is detected.

Using the HDR technique is very easy if you own an iPhone. You can rely on the automated feature and let your phone decide when it makes sense to use this technique to improve your photographs. In some cases, it is best to avoid it because it would not add anything to the shot. You can turn Auto HDR on by tapping on HDR at the top of the screen in your camera app and selecting Auto.

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