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Here’s How To Check Salesforce Edition

Salesforce is a very popular software solution and it helps many businesses to organize and to make more money. For the most part it is a well thought out and out together utility with a great GUI. It stays simple and easy to use. There is one very common problem that people have that doesn’t affect the usability of Salesforce but it does keep them from easily being able to figure out which version of it they are using. In this article we will discuss a few methods for figuring out how to check Salesforce edition. You will see how easy it is to quickly find this information.

Browser Updates Have Made It Harder

Modern browsers do not show title information, at least modern browsers such as Google Chrome. One of the old ways to check edition version was to just read the title bar and it would display the edition as well as some other information. This isn’t so bad because there is an equally easy method that just requires you to move your cursor with your mouse. We will explain this method in the next paragraph. You will see how easy it is to find your edition information for your Salesforce account.

How To Check Salesforce Edition – The Most Suggested Method

The most suggested method for how to check Salesforce edition is pretty easy and is such a no-brainer. That method is to simply take your mouse and put the cursor over the Salesforce tab in your browser and it just pop up edition information. This is one of the easiest ways to do it. Another method that is the so-called proper method is to go to –setup >> developer >> API >> Generate Partner WSDL and it will tell you which version of Salesforce you are currently using.

If All Else Fails… Youtube IT

If none of the things shared in this article do not help you, then your next best bet is to head over to Youtube and watch a few videos on who to check which edition you have. A lot of times people are more visual learners and they need to actually see how something works. You will find a few videos on Youtube that go through this process and you can pause the video and do the steps along with the video to find out which edition you have.


As you can see, you are not the only one who has had problems with figuring out how to check Salesforce edition. The problem has been made even more difficult by modern browsers like Chrome that do not display page title information. On browsers where you can see page title browser information you can read your edition in the title bar. One trick is to hover over the Salesforce tab on your browser with your mouse and that will give you the edition. Another technique is to go to the setup menu and click through a few menus and you will be able to find your edition number.

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