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Free YouTube Download App

Don’t you just hate it when you want to download a YouTube video, be it an important guide or tutorial, an animation, or even a music video but don’t want to start spending time learning how to do it using some special download managers?

Luckily, DVDVideoSoft is just the software for you. Not only is it easy to understand, but using it is a delight. It’s compatible with both windows and Mac and extremely efficient in terms of downloading.

  • Allows you to download all kinds of videos just by dragging and dropping video URLS to the software
  • Provide you with an easy to manage system to see all your downloaded and downloading videos
  • Exceptional control over downloaded videos with settings and preferences

DVDVideoSoft helps you not only save time but also energy. With a slew of features that make your video downloading easy and scale-able, you can download hundreds of videos by just dragging and dropping their URLs and start the downloading process right away.

It’s really amazing If you’re piecing together tons of videos together for any reason and great even if you just want a single video from YouTube in under 5 seconds from copying the URL to the download starting.

Downloading Playlists on YouTube has never been easier; this piece of software allows you to completely download YouTube playlists that can be in the range of up to 1,000 videos at a time.

It’s pretty simple to do as well, just copy the link of the playlist and paste it into the program. Simple to do and the downloading starts right away.

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Professional quality and adjustable features
  • Allows users to download whole playlists
  • Fully functional on most video streaming websites

Why go for DVDVideoSoft?

It’s convenient and it’s a scalable solution that can make your life much easier. You get all the options you’d get on an already well-established download manager on the market already and also get the single-working product to allow you to download and manage (downloaded) videos.

What does the process include from start to finish?

  • Copying the URL
  • Pasting it in the program
  • Pressing the download button

It’s that simple, effective that anyone can do it without a doubt. The best part about this software isn’t the convenience, it’s the fact that it’s free. No doubt there are tons of other products n the market but not all of them serve an optimized video downloading purpose.

DVDVideoSoft is created and tested for both the tech savvy and the non-technophiles that don’t know what they’re doing. Understanding how videos can be downloaded is easy and can be understood in under 10 seconds and is as simple as the formerly mentioned 3 steps.

  • Available for the MAC and PC
  • Optimized for downloading videos
  • Adjust settings in order to create a personalized experience when downloading videos
  • Works marvelously all over the internet
  • Minimalistic and easy to understand UI

Download the software today if you want convenience and a hassle-free experience.

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Milana Rose, AppLecture news editor. Kind, sympathetic and very inquisitive person, who loves to help people with the "computer", and not only those challenges sufficiently due to her knowledge. Hobbies - Apple products, drawing, dancing, swimming, a healthy lifestyle. In a private use - MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Nano 5, iPod touch, Mac Mini.
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