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EuroBasket 2011 Cards – A Riveting Gaming Experience

EuroBasket 2011 Cards – A Riveting Gaming Experience

Are you one of those die-hard basketball fans? Does the idea of trading players and managing your own team sound exciting? EuroBasket 2011 Cards is the app for you, if you want to play a game based on actual statistics of the biggest basketball event of the year. Being an avid basketball fan, I was looking for a game that I could play while watching the European Basketball Championship and this app turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

EuroBasket 2011 Cards is an interesting card game based on actual statistics. You can create and manage your own basketball team. The idea of the game is to create a team that has the maximum value. Each card has an image of a player in action. You can find the scores of the player by turning the card.

EuroBasket 2 EuroBasket 2011 Cards   A Riveting Gaming Experience

This simple strategic game is fun-filled and dynamic. Based on the stats of players taking part in EuroBasket 2011, you can conveniently pick your players and even trade cards. And as your players score points in the championship, the value of your team increases.

What I like the most about this game is that it depends on how the players perform in the championship. So while I traded cards using the game money, I also had to keep a close watch on the frequently changing scores. Watching my favorite players live in action and simultaneously tracking their value in EuroBasket 2011 Cards was actually quite thrilling. I had to carefully plan my moves to get my hands on the cards that created the team of highest value.

The app has a graph which helps you manage your team efficiently. Get started on some gaming to experience basketball fever at its best. Download EuroBasket 2011 Cards now to get the most out of this season of basketball.

The app is available in the app store for free and can be downloaded from here.

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