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Essential iPhone Apps If You’re Starting A Business

For those that are in the midst of setting up their own business, Apple has so many tools to help the budding entrepreneur. And whether you’re setting up your own blogging platform, or starting to sell ice cream from a stand, there are some choice apps to help keep you in check, productive and on the ball!

Dragon Dictation
Constantly held in high regard for its accuracy, Dragon Dictation is a great app for when you’re on the move. For bloggers that need to get notes down quick or if you’re drafting that business proposal when you’re without a pen and paper, this app is five times faster than your typing speed. And the software learns how you speak, so it will make your life much easier in the long run!

This quickly identifies where you are and lists all the available businesses in categories you have clicked. So if you are looking for a hospital, Movie Theater, hotel place, taxi rank, or anywhere, the app whittles down what is near you. So if you’re on a business trip and need to find somewhere that does cheap sushi, the app can tell you what’s available.

It hardly needs mentioning, but if you are looking for a simple way to keep in contact with a client without spending money on phone calls, this is your best option. Skype works better on an ipad rather than an iphone, purely because you’ve got a better view of the person at the other end, which makes for better communication on a more personal level. And this is ideal if you are trying to get the trust of a potential client, or you’re selling something face to face.

Running a business where you are completely dependent on your phone means that you don’t want it to ever crash or shut down. To cut down trips to an iphone repair shop, you can use an app that can help with the basic issues, such as if your phone is frozen on the Apple screen. You just plug it into a computer, and it enters recovery mode. But if your phone is beyond repair, take it to an iphone repair specialist, and always remember to back up your work on a regular basis. If you lose all your data when setting up a business, you’ll have to start again which is a big waste of finances and resources.

One of the most annoying things about setting up a business is keeping track of all the expenses. Running expense reports will be part and parcel of your life from now on, so this app helps to simplify the whole expense process (hence the name!). You can sync bank accounts and company credit cards, and for cash purchases, you can take a picture of the receipt and sync it to your account. Everything is in one convenient place, so when it comes to completing a tax return or trying to go through months of slips to find one payment, it is easy and convenient to find.

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