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Downloading Apps From the App Store

Browsing a shop is all very well, but sooner or later you’re going to want to take something home. But before buying anything for your iPad, it’s worth taking a look at app compatibility.

Essentially, there are three types of app you can buy from the App Store for your iPad: iPad-only apps, iPhone apps and universal apps. The former, obviously, are Fine, but iPhone apps should generally be avoided. Sure, they do work, but you may end up with either a tiny app in the middle of your screen or ugly pixel-doubling if the app tries to fill the iPad’s much larger screen. Also, the interface won’t have been designed for the iPad, so while iPhone games often don’t look too ugly on the iPad, they can be somewhat unplayable. The third app type is the ‘universal app’, denoted by a in its price button. Universal apps work on iPads, iPod touches and iPhones, optimizing themselves accordingly, and if you have multiple Apple devices they are often a bargain forth is reason.

As you might guess, you use your iTunes Store account to purchase and download apps from the App Store. One more recommendation before we hit the walkthrough: if you download apps directly to your iPad, ensure that you regularly sync the device with your computer to ensure you have a copy of your apps safely stored away, along with all of your data and progress. That way, if something happens to your iPad, you can restore your apps and other data to a replacement.

Internet connection
An iTunes Store account
Time required: 10 mins
Difficulty: Beginner

Step 1
Sign in If you’ve not already signed into your iTunes Store account, scroll down, tap ‘Sign in’ and input your details. Apart from anything else, this will

Step 2
Find an app Seek out an app you’d like to buy. You can use category pages or access individual app pages by tapping products or using the search field at the top right.

Step 3
Check platforms If using the search, the results page may show platforms. As noted earlier, the best apps for iPads are iPad-specific or universal ones (those marked with a ‘+’).

Step 4
Download Or Buy Tap the price button and it will change to ‘Install App’ or ‘Buy App’, depending on whether it’s free or paid-for. Tap this and you’ll see the app downloading on your home screen.

Step 5
Try Out your app When the app has finished downloading, the progress bar will disappear and the icon should appear as normal. Tap the icon to launch the app and ensure that it works.

Step 6
Removing apps If you decide you’re not keen on an app or want to free up room on your iPad, hold an icon until the apps all start to jiggle, lap the cross and then ‘Delete’ in the pop-up dialog.

Step 7
Update your apps If a badge appears on the App Store toolbar’s ‘Updates’ button, updates are available-tap to see them. Tap ‘Update All’ to update everything, or tap price badges for individual updates.

Step 8
Get technical Support If you find an app unusable or buggy, use the App Support’ button on the app’s page. If weeks pass without a reply, use the ‘Report a Problem’ button.

iPhone lure
If you fancy seeing what’s happening in ‘iPhoneland’ when you’re in the App Store app, select Top Charts’ and access whichever category you want (or just stick with the global charts). Scroll down and tap ‘Show iPhone Apps’ to see charts for iPhone products. Tap the ‘Show iPad Apps’ button to revert to seeing iPad-spec if к charts of apps (including universal products that work on both devices).

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