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Digitalis CPA App: The Best Medical App for Smart Phone Users!

The Digitalis CPD application is a top rated medical expert’s one-stop healthcare referral guide. In fact, it’s the leading healthcare app out there today! Anything that refers to the healthcare fields is right here in this app. From medicine and illness recommendations, to video clips, techniques and pictures, it offers everything. The best thing about Digitalis CPD is it’s absolutely free! This app is developed for medical professionals, healthcare providers, nursing staff and other medical researchers to discover, record, modify and promote experiences and expertise.

The Digitalis CPD app is developed to carry simplicity and effectiveness to the ongoing professional growth (CPD) of physicians and other medical personnel. This smart phone app can assist users in easily and quickly displaying discoveries, whether searched, determined, captured or taken straight with the in-app information, online journals or guide assets. The Digitalis health-related CPD app makes this all possible – and more!


What are the main features of the CPD app?

Here are some of the main features of the Digitalis 1.0 beta version:

Add CPD – Sign your Ongoing Professional Improvement task easily and effortlessly using your smart phone. Even add pictures, speech memos and Web addresses! People can tag it to appropriate locations of various programs using key terms and CPD types.

My Medical CPD – Search and look for your healthcare CPD records to renew your memory space, and update, revise or show your friends and co-workers. Also, there are fixed ticklers to review specific logs!

Medical Reference – Check out the latest healthcare information and periodicals, and put it straight into your CPD record.

Medical Links – In-app exploring of online referral sources and social media that could be put into your CPD record with only a simple touch of a button.

My Medical Feed – A consistently rejuvenated source of recommended news, articles or blog posts, programs, special offers, etc., available to look through.

My Medical PDP – Track the records of Individual Growth Programs, set alarms and even discuss with close friends and co-workers.

Progress – Observe improvement towards meeting your goals, and look at an overview of your studies under regions of the program. Users can transfer all of this information into PDF file format.

Medical Jobs – Look for work opportunities in your geographical or professional medical region.

Programs and Events – Take a look at programs, trainings or functions that meet your requirements.

CPD Settings – Enter into your account, and choose your program, place reminders and change your specific attributes.

These important features of the Digitalis CPD app help people in the medical care field find anything health-related without hassle. This is a great help to doctors and nurses that need a solution for medical-related problems. With this app, experts can find improvement and growth using the simple and fast technology to enhance their understanding.

So what are you waiting for? Go download it now! Google Play Store | Itunes Store

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