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Difference between Twitter Polls and Polldaddy Polls

There are a lot of polls available for users to create online. These polls can provide a lot of valuable information to the creator as they can learn the preferences and opinions of others fairly quickly.

Two of the more popular polls are Twitter polls and Polldaddy polls. Here’s a little bit of information about these two types of polls including their similarities and differences.

Twitter Polls

These polls use this social media site as the platform for them. Twitter has a massive following so it’s not surprising that this is a popular way to get the public opinion of others.

How it works is that the users can create their own, two choice poll from their compose box. The poll will remain live for 24 hours. The results will only be given to the creator. However, they can share them with others if they wish to do so.

Polls can easily be created on a desktop, phone or tablet. Despite its limitations, since Twitter is such a big platform, this type of poll may be very beneficial as the creator of it can reach a large audience, fairly easily.

To make your new product popular, twitter polls are the great choice.

You may list your previous products in the poll and ask your audience to vote for the best.

So you can find the best product which people like among others.

Polldaddy Polls

You can create unlimited polls or surveys with Polldaddy. Feedback can be collected through email, on the website or social media. Reports also can be generated that are both easy to read and share.

Filters can be created as well to analyze the data or even export it to programs like Excel or Google Docs. The advanced survey editor allows users to choose from 14 question types, which include multiple choice and free text.

The look of the survey can also be customized with different images, videos and different font. To share the survey, the creator of it can email a link to their audience, use Polldaddy’s iOS app or place a banner on their website.

For Polldaddy contests contestants can easily get votes because some freelancers offer such services on fiverr.

If you have popular website or blog and you can choose this type of polls.

Because there is no accounts need to apply vote.

Just unique IP addresses enough so your audience will show interest to vote for your entry because to cast vote, it takes only few seconds.

Which One Is Better

To determine which poll you should use, you first have to think about what your needs are. Twitter polls will be better for some people whereas Polldaddy might be the better choice for others.

Twitter polls are very limited in the fact that polls are not live very long and there is only a small amount of information that can included in the actual poll, but unlike Polldaddy, they are free to create.

With Polldaddy, users have a lot more options when it comes to creating polls. They can choose from many different question types and formats. They also aren’t limited to a short window of time that the actual poll is live.

However, it does cost money to create polls using Polldaddy and some users may not want to spend money creating an actual poll. It seems that Twitter polls and Polldaddy are similar in that they are easy to create and share.

They can be created on virtually any device and there’s nothing to download. Also, users can easily participate in the poll and it will only take a little bit of their time to do so.

Just keep the above ideas in your before you create or join any online polls and apply these ideas to get better results.

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