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Developer’s Revenues. It is More Profitable to Work with Apple

There were many disputes about what and who is awesomer than the other one: Apple or Google, iOS or Android, and they always have positive and negative aspects, which are being successfully ruffed. But now the scales are once again shifted in the Apple direction and all because of published comparative reports of the developer’s revenues which they receive from both companies.

A new report has revealed the discrepancy between the developer’s profits on iOS platform and Android. The last one earned an insignificant portion of the money through Google, if working with the App Store they might have many times more.

This is despite the large market share in Android, which in recent reports of analysts valued at more than 50% globally.

Gene Munster, a famous analyst of the Piper Jaffray, in his conclusions uses Apple open access information, in which says that from July 2008 App Store has brought $4.9 billion in revenue to the company, $3.5 billion of which were given to developers who placed the programs to the online store.

For comparison, Android Market, which was put into operation in February 2009, earned $341 million and paid $239 million to the developers.

This is only 6.82% of developer’s total gross revenue which work with Apple.

While the Android operating system is distributed much more rapidly than iOS in due season, Munster still thinks that income inequality will continue for a long time. The Apple share, most likely, will account more than 70% of what users are spending on mobile applications. When you save the current conditions and rate of developments, this situation will occur over the next three – four years.

At the heart of this situation is the fact that only 1.3% of applications for Android, comparably with 13.5% for iOS are paid for. These numbers just underline the profound differences that lie at the root of the Android and iOS systems. This is especially noticeable in connection with continuing reports, which testify about rapid increase of the Android market share – consumers do not stop to love the magic word “free”.

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