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Current Condition of Accountant Jobs in Mumbai

Accounting is the process of record keeping of a person or company’s financial transactions to calculate profit/loss. An individual who specializes in this field is known as an accountant. Finance is a process of providing advice to person or company for money investments and where they can get high returns on investment.

Mumbai is a hub in providing employment in the form of accountant jobs in mumbai. It is known as commercial and financial capital of India. It is out of those cities of India which has pulsating, economic, cosmopolitan, prosperous growth and the administrative center of one of the Indian states, Maharashtra.

Expertise can be gained in a wide range from Accounting, developing and scrutinizing balance sheets, and cash flow support or even risk managing. Payroll accounting, Budget Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Accounting, and Improvement projects concerning the client’s accounting system and so on.

And if you find yourself good with developing reports and documentation, there are always opportunities in developing and implementing group Accounting Manuals, Interim Financial Statements, development of combined financial Statements. Ultimately earnings and taxes go hand in hand, and this where all sorts of Tax Statements, Tax Returns for expatriates, Annual, Quarterly and Monthly VAT report, Creation, Implementation, explanation of quarterly/monthly reporting schemes, VAT compensations for foreign corporations type of jobs come handy. One can always back on such type of work, which in fact, we all know keeps all financial institutions busy towards the financial year end.

If one finds him or herself good at systems, there are ample opportunities at SOX implementation plans for Ancillaries of listed / global companies, Cash flow supervision and calculation many more.

To get up in the salary ladder of the accountant jobs in Mumbai, experience complements skill set. A skill set without good experience in the above stated fields may not be just enough to survive the cut throat competition. Mumbai, being what it is, provides immense scope for increasing both. There are several institutes which can help one learn accounting processes, master accounting related software and improve the range of accounting skills. And seeing as every company has need for accounting and there are so many companies there, one can gradually increase the experience and overall expertise.

The wide range of accountant jobs in Mumbai is also because of the wide range of companies that thrive in Mumbai. From manufacturing to media, from finance to consumer goods, the list is endless. And there are companies which have been in existence for generations as well as a large number of upcoming startups. So, as an Accountant, there is a very large set of domains and work patterns which one can act in.Processes valid for one company might not be so much applicable in another. A big enterprise using high processing software would need a different type of accounting professional than say a company which operates out of a small office employing a relatively smaller number. Keeping this in mind, there are only a handful cities in the world which would offer the amount of potential for an accountant as Mumbai.

From the Accountant’s perspective as well, Mumbai possesses valuable attributes. A person who practices over the accounts of a business not only gets better at the process of accounting; he/she also gets a very close observation of the most key aspect of any business: its money. Seeing as any business is run for the sake of making money, a good understanding of the cash flow leads to a better understanding of the business itself. This means an accountant, given enough interest and effort, can get better at the business as well. Besides managing the accounts, there are various other skills a person can acquire and develop one’s career even further.

Presently, ICAI is the only institution which provides industry standard and widely recognized certification for Chartered Accountants. As such, its certificates are highly prized among accountants and are considered a valuable asset to score a job in any firm. There are institutions which help people prepare for the ICAI certificate. Before one can claim the certificate, it is required to work as an intern accountant at big firms so as to gain the relevant exposure that is required for an accountant. So effectively, if one has the certificate, it almost means one is market ready. If the industry standards are not an absolute requirement, a skilled individual can learn the tricks of the trade from smaller institutes and develop one’s skill on their own as well. However, having it usually means an easy entry in the market. And once a person gets their foot in the door, it is a long and glorious journey for an accountant in Mumbai’s market.

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