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The 3 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency for IT Job Ads

When you are interested in filling an open IT job, using job ads can be a good way to find applicants. While you could try to do the job ads yourself, it may be in your best interest to hire […]

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Comparing Online Gaming Between Tablets and Mobile Phones

Online gaming at home is an interesting hobby for many people to have, it allows people to stay in the comfort of their own home while still being ...

Mobile App Development

Trends Involved in Mobile App Development Technology

Mobile computing is something that is not going ...

iOS Development as a Lottery: 59% Don’t Cover the Expenses

Some success stories are known to everybody. They tell us about one loner-developer who creates an application for iPhone or iPad, after that it becomes a hit and ...

10 Unusual Applications Banned by Apple

10 Unusual Applications Banned by Apple

Though Americans do not make iPhone by themselves, they are the most active users of it. Just inhabitants of the Democracy land create and publish the greatest quantity ...

iPhone SJ

iPhone SJ: The Concept of the Sixth Generation of the Apple’s Smartphone

The trimestrial remoteness hots about the iPhone 5 were ended with a slight disappointment for dedicated fans of Apple and with fume among those who waited for ...

Scott Forstall

10 Unknown Facts About Scott Forstall, the Very Young Apple Vice-President

We continue to acquaint you with Apple top managers, which until recently were in the shade of Steve Jobs. It's time to look at the youngest Apple vice-president ...

iPad 2 at the Price of $8 Million

iPad 2 at the Price of $8 Million

You may be surprised or have a brain freeze when you know that it exists. Its realness probably causes you anger or confusion, but definitely not leaves you ...

Three Inspiring Quotes by Steve Jobs That Should be Placed on Your Desktop

Three Inspiring Quotes by Steve Jobs That Should be Placed on Your Desktop

Recently, the world has learned about the death of one of the most famous and respected people of our planet. Steve Jobs has brought personal computers to our ...

That Is All. Steve Jobs Has Gone.

That Is All. Steve Jobs Has Gone.

He saw the new iPhone presentation, and in 24 hours he has left this world, completed his mission in 100%. Words failed us. Fingers refused to type the text ...

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