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7 Tips for Caring for Your iPad

There is no denying how much we rely on mobile devices such as the iPad. Sales people around the country who spend their days delivering presentations no longer have to carry a heavy laptop and managers can review reports and […]

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Three Useful Navigation Apps for the iPad

Disney World Maps - Free Can't find that ride? This will help It is hard to imagine anyone visiting Disney World carrying an iPad around when there are so many ...

Should I Get an iPad or iPad Mini?

The late Steve Jobs once said that he never wanted Apple to conform to the ways of other tablet manufacturers and make a smaller version of what he ...

iPad Mini

The 7-inch Mini iPad: A Round Up of The Rumors, Reports and Specs

Apple is all set to announce its next lineup of products this year in fall, which is not too far away. The company has already launched the third-generation ...

iPad 3 with the Eyes of Japanese Journalists

iPad 3 with the Eyes of Japanese Journalists

Passions for iPhone of new generation have faded, and it’s quite a long time till new release. Apple TV is discussed a bit more actively, but also just ...

iPad 2 at the Price of $8 Million

iPad 2 at the Price of $8 Million

You may be surprised or have a brain freeze when you know that it exists. Its realness probably causes you anger or confusion, but definitely not leaves you ...

Pen for iPad in the Form of Old-timey Cursor

Pen for iPad in the Form of Old-timey Cursor

With the word “pen” the image of the stick appears in the brain, with which you have to poke around on the touch-sensitive device screen. For some people ...

iPad to Every British Scavenger

iPad to Every British Scavenger

Recently we have seen an active desire of various services and organizations to automate their activities with the popular tablet. More recently it was commented about the implementation ...

iPad 2 Gamma Bug

iPad 2 Distorts Color Scheme in Video Files

You use the device for some weeks without having any problems, enjoy it — and here is a surprise for you: it turns out that the pad is ...

Miniot Cover

Smart Cover From Wood

Apple knows how to fall in love people in their devices, but they have never been able to create such a fuss about one accessory. However, the role ...

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