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Camping And Other Adventures with Your iPhone: How to Keep it Safe

When the warmer weather is upon you, there is nothing better than taking advantages of weekends in the great outdoors. However, it may not be the ideal situation for your electronics, especially when you take issues such as dust damage, overheating, water damage and drops into consideration. If you are the proud owner of an iPhone, you want to take special care not to damage it as there can be a lot of money invested into fixing it or replacing it.

There are some great accessories that you can have for your iPhone that will allow you to take it outdoors for camping, hiking and just about any other type of activity that you are interested in.

Screen Protector Made From Tempered Glass

The majority of iPhones today come with a larger screen, so having a worthwhile and reliable protector is going to be key if you want to be able to keep it safe from damage. The tempered glass screen protector is great defense against shattering, scratching and anything else that comes your way. Most of these screen protectors will come along with a hardness rating of H9. If your iPhone ends up suffering from a fall or getting knocked around, you will have a solid screen protector to help keep it from harm.

Waterproof Cases

Anyone who enjoys any type of water sport will want to invest in some sort of waterproof case. Whether you are hitting the beach, lake, pool or you want to take on an activity that causes perspiration, you will see that the right case will protect your phone at all times. The last thing that you will want is for your iPhone to take an unexpected dive when it is not protected properly. Lander offer some pretty awesome cases for iPhones and mobile devices.

Rugged Cases

All-around protection is possible when you go with one of the different rugged cases that are available. Not only will your phone be waterproof, but there are added elements that keep it from getting banged around and scratched up. There is a wide selection of cases that you can choose from that have rugged styling so you are bound to find one that meets your needs and fits in with your tastes. Even if they are a bit bulky to hold onto, these cases will be just right for protecting your iPhone in any situation.

Bumper Framed Cases

If you are prone to dropping your iPhone, yet you don’t want to have a case that covers the entire thing, you may want to look into one of the cases that have a bumper frame. This is a frame that just goes around the edge to shield your phone should it fall and protect it from shattering. With resistance to bruising and drops, this is a perfect option when you don’t want to take away from the overall design.

Accessories and Mounts

No matter whether you are camping or taking on some other outdoor activity, there are a number of cases and mounts that you can use to easily carry your phone along with you. The best mounts are going to keep your phone safe and secure while allowing you to be hands free for the best overall experience.

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