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Bring Out the Performer in You with MyLAB Pro iPhone App

MyLAB Pro iPhone App

Would you like to sing with a full vocal range, hit notes with crisp perfection and have people enraptured by your singing? Would you like to learn to speak a new tongue almost effortlessly? Then, MyLAB Pro is an iPhone app you must try.

A friend of mine, who happens to be a developer, told me about this app and I found it to be quite interesting. MyLAB Pro lets you listen to your own voice, project it in a better manner, fine-tune your pitch and improve your modulation. All you’ve got to do is select a song, press the recording button and start singing. You will be able to hear the musical accompaniment in the background and it will help your singing stay in sync. Listen to your recording being played without the music, to know your actual vocal talent. You will enjoy your practice sessions and as you go on, you will see that your singing skills are getting better with time.

mylabpro2 Bring Out the Performer in You with MyLAB Pro iPhone App

MyLAB also has the functionality of a language lab that will help you improve your pronunciation, listen to conversation exchanges, develop your vocabulary and teach you to speak fluently. You can learn your lessons without poring over textbooks, preparing for tests or doing boring exercises. The app helps you learn a language by listening to language files on your smartphone. You can improve your pronunciation by repeated listening and practice speaking through Shadowing. MyLAB also lets you create your own language lists and learn any language you are interested in.

MyLAB is made for those looking to acquire a new talent or sharpen their skills. Though its features are basic and easy to use, I took a while to understand how it works, as I was unable to follow some of the instructions provided. As the app has limited functionality, it would have been good if it had some additional features like social media sharing, for users to share the songs they have sung with friends and family. Nevertheless, with a mini recording studio in your palm, you can feel confident as you go about your singing and language learning.

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