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Best Apps for Small Businesses and Companies

An organization can increase its productivity, or an entrepreneur can make life easier for himself with some apps. There is a business app that helps an organization and entrepreneurs do their business seamlessly. We have compiled the list of app that can help you do your transaction faster and reach your goal in a smarter way. The various App will be discussing will be under the categories below:

• Finance and accounting
• Communication
• Time management
• Payment

Finance and accounting

The app we identified under finance and accounting section is discussed below:

1. Wave; this is another amazing accounting software purposely designed for small businesses, sole proprietors and contractors with ten or fewer employees. You track all expenses and income with this type of app and invoice can be generated faster using this app. And the company integrates another finance option in this software to allow businesses manage all their expenses in one place. The invoice and tracking app can be downloaded on Apple store while the wave software can be found on the company website.

2. Gusto: The Gusto app automatically allows the government to know your new employee; and how local or state tax can be managed this helps deduct all the employee benefits and compensation plan. The basic plan for this app is $39 and $6 per for each employee monthly.

3. QuickBooks: This is special software that helps you track the financial status at of the company. The various business expenses can be tracked; you can access you can access the financial situation, such like the profit and the gain of the company; and also allows you track the various company invoice. This app is connected to thousands of bank account and even Paypal. This makes doing your business very easy as you can track many transactions.
This app is compatible with most devices from iPhone, Android, and Apple. The cost of this app ranges from$10 to $24 and a free 3o days trial. This app is free to download.


Communication is paramount in everyday life, and business is not an exception. You have to connect with your associates, your customers, and suppliers.

1. Skype: A lot of software has been trying to displace this app for years, but remain useful and relevant. You can use it to send files, photos, share your screen and call a group of people.
The simple version of this app is free to use. If you are using it for business, you may want to upgrade to a Business option which goes for only $5 for each user in a month. They integrate Microsoft to it and allow you to call a group of up to 250 people. It is free to download on Google play store, and it is compatible with the most operating system.

2. Slack; The messaging platform that allows you to hold a conversation in public and private channels. The app makes sharing of the app very easy with just dragging; you can share PDF, doc and Excel files to your group on the app. The best part of this app is that there is no limit to how many numbers of people you can add to your instant message channel. This app is sure to increase your company productivity if utilized in the right way. The app has a free version, but you need to upgrade to have more control and enjoy most of the features the app offers. The standard plan is around $8 monthly for each user with full achieve of your team chat, unlimited call and much more.

3. Pushover: This app will make the top list of every business owner when it comes to communication. The app allows you to send up to 7000 messages every month and receive notification on your iPhones, Android, and Smartphones. They have a seven days trial to test if you will love to use them and after you will be required to upgrade with onetime fee of $4.99.

Time management

Nothing can be more important in business than time. This is because every second lost is a deal or dollar lost without knowing.

1. Rescue-Time: This app helps track the time you spent on your business activities on the website, app and other things and gives you a report. This app shows you where you are spending the most of your time daily and allows you to prioritize where you should dedicate more time to. This app is compatible with Android, Linux or Mac. RescueTime Lite app is free while the premium version has some added features like alarm, blocking of ads that distract you and much more. The app is about $72 for a year, with the first three months free for you to test and enjoy this app.

2. Clear: This app has the characteristics of ease of use. It also allows you to manage the separate list and set a reminder for a task you will love to do. This app works fine on your Mac and the Apple Watch. This is $4.99 on the Ios and $ 9.99on the desktop.

3. My Minutes; I call this app goal app. This allows you to manage your time on social media and set goals on the amount of time you will love to check your email and every other necessary business activities. This app goes for just $2.99 on iPhone and other Smartphone.


Every business needs to carry out some business transactions, and we now have some business app that even makes that easier that you can ever think possible.

1. PayPal: This platform allows you to link your credit card or your bank account to your PayPal, making payment easy to you business partners and customers. Their app allows you to attach your credit card and make seamless transactions. The standard PayPal option is free to use, while the Pro plan is about $30 with a lot of added features to allow you to enjoy more option during various transactions with your client. They charge you 2.7% for each transaction and few cents for your online invoicing.

2. Expensify: This allows you track your various while on a trip. They enable you to link your credit r debit card but charge you mainly on the report. If you don’t want this extra costs, you can just screen shot this and save yourself this little cost. Expensify app goes for $5 monthly for a single account, and the team account is about $9 each month. An organization with more than 1000 employees can get a custom plan from this company. This app is compatible with most devices.

This article is written in behalf of Guava Digi www.guavadigi.com.au. Guava Digi is an online marketing agency located in Sydney Australia. They help promote small businesses and companies in the competitive world of the internet. Visit their website for more information.

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