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Milana Rose

Milana Rose, AppLecture news editor. Kind, sympathetic and very inquisitive person, who loves to help people with the "computer", and not only those challenges sufficiently due to her knowledge. Hobbies - Apple products, drawing, dancing, swimming, a healthy lifestyle. In a private use - MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Nano 5, iPod touch, Mac Mini.

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Post by Milana Rose

6 Best Investment Apps to Manage and Grow Your Financial Portfolio

Making good investment can be a great challenge for investors and this is not some kind of a secret which is never revealed before, thus, everyone knows about it. Since it is greatly challenging, one has to be very wise […]

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How to Integrate Outdoor Advertising With Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is hot. There’s no doubt about it. With the ability to hyper-target demographics, advertisers are buying up social media ads to the tune of ...

iPhone to Big Button Phone – Why Sometimes Less Features Is More

Can Everybody Benefit From Owning A Smartphone? The Apple iPhone is probably the most well known cellular phone on the planet. It can be seen used by people of ...

Word cloud - web design

The Top Mistakes Web Design Companies Keep on Making

The large number of websites that are available online can mislead many into thinking designing a website an easy job. However, for a website to be effective and ...

Top 10 Apps with Best Graphic Designs

With a lot of apps being released these days, designers should really generate apps that are prominent. Mobile applications are even changing the manner people design anything these ...

Make a Stunning Book eCover by Your Own

You just finished your book. It is fabulous and you simple know that. You have already imagined a reader’s stampede to a bookshop or tons of downloads of ...

Use Content Marketing As An Effective Promotion Tool

Whether you own a small beauty therapy clinic or operate a chain of nationwide clinics, content marketing should form the core element of your online marketing strategy. As ...

Should I Get an iPad or iPad Mini?

The late Steve Jobs once said that he never wanted Apple to conform to the ways of other tablet manufacturers and make a smaller version of what he ...


Vtalkie – Video Messaging App Review

There are thousands of applications available on the iTunes store but most of them are not worth the time. If we talk about social networking, most of the ...

5 of the Best E-readers for Every Budget

Whether you’re a chronic traveller who loves to read but doesn’t want to lug 16 kilos of paper books around, or you just want a convenient way to ...

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