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Chris Warren

Chris Warren is interested in Apple technology and how it works. He writes reviews of the applications for iOS and Max OS X, as well as reviews of different devices and accessories for Apple equipment. His free time he spends in the company of friends and acquaintances, most of the time joking and smiling. In private hands – iPhone 4 and iMac 24.

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Post by Chris Warren

KiSSFLOW: Dont Go by Name – its a BPM Beast!

KiSSFLOW can be considered to be a new approach in the world of business process owners, as it is the first workflow product built especially for Google Apps. By using this ingenious software you will be able to overcome the […]

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Unlock iPhone 5 without Jailbreaking

Few days back, I was looking for iPhone factory unlock services but to my surprise, almost every service provider refused to unlock my gadget by saying that I ...

NFC ID Badges Integration

The idea of integrating identification badges into smartphones is so tempting that many commentators wonder why this has not happened yet in a large scale. ...

Overcoming Sales Challenges with Mobile Apps

What is the key in overcoming sales challenges while keeping up with our fast mobile environment? “Apps”. Since business is happening on the go in office lobbies, ...


Don’t Assume Your Mac is Safe From Malware

“I’m buying a Mac,” your friend tells you. “Macs don’t get viruses.” As anyone who has felt the panic that comes with realizing their PC is infected with malware ...

Reasons to Get Rid of Your Old Blackberry Phones

There is no denying that mobile phones have become a 'must-have' item for today's busy lifestyles. From teenagers to the over 60s, whether it's for work or leisure, ...

The 3 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency for IT Job Ads

When you are interested in filling an open IT job, using job ads can be a good way to find applicants. While you could try to do the ...

10 Unusual Applications Banned by Apple

10 Unusual Applications Banned by Apple

Though Americans do not make iPhone by themselves, they are the most active users of it. Just inhabitants of the Democracy land create and publish the greatest quantity ...

JBL OnBeat Xtreme

JBL OnBeat Xtreme: Not Only an «Extreme» Audio for iPad

Apple loves the JBL Company, offers many of its products in the online and retail stores, no less resellers are fond of it. Practically in every single store ...

Top 5 iPhone Accessories

Top 5 iPhone Accessories – Accessories You Need to Complete Your iPhone Package

Having an iPhone is real exciting as it would contain all the features you want to see in your ideal phone. In fact, it is not just an ...

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