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Apple’s Latest Patent Filing Hints at iPhone 6 with Wrap-around Display

Apple is giving feelers to the market through the patent that it filed recently that it’s coming out, in the next version of iPhone may be called iPhone 6 with a display that wraps around like a stretchable object. It is also supposed to have controls all over the phone, not just at the front side.

It looks like Cupertino has invented a technology using which the next iPhone can be seen in a touch screen that can be wrapped around and can also be bent like a piece of rubber over to the corners and sides of the phone. Apple’s competitor’s Samsung Galaxy Round or LG G Flex just has a curved screen.

So while the edges at both the ends of the iPhone will not be touch activated the rest of the phone will be like one big touchscreen on both sides. The patent filing also mentions that a Sapphire developed through a process that utilizes alumina powder liquid-metal, will be used to create the phone display.

As per Patently Apple, which was the first one to look at the actual patent application – the electronic device (phone) might also control the scrolling and movement of content on the screen by electronically recognizing its rotation and any other movement activity. The ability to view through voluminous documents and emails, without the need to turn pages, is just one of the benefits of this unique display that works on a wrap-around mechanism.

Some other benefits include the ability to flip an iBook page, increase or decrease volume and manoeuvre video applications through gesturing on the back of the phone. A gyroscope and accelerometer will further add to the power of the phone to make viewing comfortable for the user based on the angle the user is viewing the phone.

The patent, as per Apple’s note in the application, is applicable for all future Apple products including iPhones, iPods, iPads, iMacs and Macbook Pros even. This new superbly flexible display technology will certainly give the rival Samsung Galaxy S5 a run for its money.

The material created for the display, as per the patent, can also be casted into any kind of shapes like triangles, cylinders, tubes and rectangles and there are reports around the material finding its way into development of other products such as smart watches as well.

Liquid metal will also be used for creating the screen as per the patent, though this is not the first instance when Apple is using it. For example, the current iPhone 5S has a metallic cover that is done up with Liquid metal as well as a band made of aluminium. This band covers the edge of the iPhone 5S and overlaps under the sleek bezels of the phone.

Patently Apple also mentioned that some accessories that Apple uses also use the above described technology. One such accessory is the Smart cover sold by Apple for using on the iPad and iPad Mini version that has an embedding made up of Liquid metal.

In case of iPhone 6, the liquid metal may play a far more protective role for its inner parts by being part of the exterior cover. Thus, the future iPhone could almost become imperishable by coupling this liquid metal cover with the sapphire glass.

The author Shristy Chandran is an avid technology writer and another interesting article written by her is on web browsers market share, you can find this and more on infinitelymore.org

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