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[App Store] SetBreaker – Force Your Own Brain to Work


Category: Games
Developer/Publisher: EzEz Apps LLC
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.99 [ iTunes link ]

SetBreaker is a great application for those who like logic games, which allow not only killing the time with an interest, but forcing your own brain to work, using the possibilities of your iPhone or iPad. In the official preview the game developers positions it as “protection against Alzheimer’s disease” and that does make sense – a variety of tasks in combination with the exciting arcade are really good training for mental activity. The application is aimed to people older than 8 years old, presented only in English version.

The essence of the game can be described in two words, “Find odd” that means to identify patterns using logic clues, that links three among four options that are presented in each round and the determination of the option that is not suitable for this general rule. In contrast to the traditional “Find odd” game, there are available options “All” and “None” in SetBraker, which should be used periodically (it is obvious that the authors have done this to prevent the answers at random). As the variants in the game could be used 4 words, symbols, mathematical expressions or phrases.

SetBreaker - Force Your Own Brain to Work

SetBreaker - Force Your Own Brain to Work

The game play of the application is very simple, and intuitive. At the main menu, the user is offered to enter his own name, go directly to the game, read the instructions, change settings, enable / disable the soft-core standard music or watch his own achievements in the application SetBreaker.

Generally the player is given the time for the game (Game Duration), equal to two, three or five minutes (depending on the program settings). The optimal time is three minutes, which is set up by default. However the time for you to think can not exceed fifteen seconds. Also, the game is divided into three difficulty levels (Game Difficulty), which can be switched in the settings (Game Settings). There is also an exclusive mode «Expert», when the game duration is limited not with the time, but only with the first user’s mistake.

SetBreaker – Force Your Own Brain to Work

In each round, a player in the top left corner is given a prompt, which briefly explains the general rule. As flipping the prompt the player can take a second one, which will help to understand the general rule easier, however, in that case, he loses precious time and even more precious right for bonuses.

For each correct answer the player gets a certain number of points, which depends on the speed of his answers. You can also earn additional bonuses for every three correct answers in a row. The assignment base for the applications is constantly grows; nowadays it contains more than 9000 different questions. And with each following update of the program through the App Store the player will receive a huge number of the new exciting assignments.

It is known that the rapid attention switch and a change of a form of activity have beneficial effects on the central nervous system. The developers have taken into account this simple rule, by adding to the application so-called arcade mode (Arcade Mode). Turning on this option in the settings allows many funny characters appear from time to time directly on the playing field, and accurate clicking on them will give you bonus points. However, be careful! If you mishit the arcade hero, you risk accidentally choose the wrong variant!

The SetBreaker application truly lug away, so that time flies by insensible degrees. Abstractness, a constant removability of job types and a variety of “general rules” allow you to play this game, even when you master all the 9000 assignments, you will not notice a single repetition. It is difficult to say anything specific about the claimed therapeutic effect of the application, but as a pleasant «brain warm-up» SetBreaker is one of the best applications in the App Store.

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