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Android vs iOS: Highlighting Some Major User Differences

With Android and iPhone being two of the majorly used mobile operating platforms, it is interesting to note that the coming years will witness app developers investing their time and efforts on building apps that can run on Apple’s iOS well as Google’s Android. Although there are a number of constraints when it comes to choosing the right resources for app development, one of the most important thing that an app developer must be aware of is the type of target audience for the respective app that needs to be developed. Thus, it is absolutely essential for every app developer to be well acquainted with the key points of difference between the type of users for iOS and Android.

1. iPhone users are slightly younger as compared to the Android users

The very first difference between the users of iOS and Android is that the ones using iOS are slighter younger unlike the users of Android-powered smartphones. As per a research, it has been found that over 18 percent of iPhone owners are people within the age-group of 18-24 years. This is quite different from the 16 percent Android owners aged between 18-24 years.

2.iPhone users are likely to get more engaged in M-commerce

The emergence of M-commerce has been regarded as one of the most crucial events in the world of smartphones and iPhones have been hit by this trend to the fullest. Unlike the case of Android users, a large majority of iPhone users have already switched to marketing their products and services via their smartphones. This has come up as a source of motivation for the app developers who’re seeking ways to create mobile apps that can be monetized in a brilliant way.

3. iOS users have a greater spending power as compared to Android userbase

Although Android and Google have tried a lot to incorporate every innovative feature into their customer base, it is being seen that the app developers target different set of targeted audience while designing a particular mobile application. Unlike the Android users, iOS users are more loyal and have a higher spending power. While the iOS consumers prefer keeping their device straightforward, Android users love playing around and customizing their device to the maximum possible level.

4. Intenet usage from Android devices is much higher as compared to that from the iOS devices

As per a global research, it has been found that the internet usage from Android devices is around 44.62% and that from the iOS devices is around 44.19%. In addition to this, the overall market share of Android is also seven times more as compared to that of iOS. This shows that Android smartphone users prefer spending a lot of time on their device as compared to the iPhone users.

5. Android and iOS users engage differently with mobile content

While iPhone users prefer engaging with more content on an average, the Android consumers don’t prefer visiting online retail stores via their devices. The Android consumerbase comprises of individuals who love spending more time on media websites. This poses as a huge challenge for the app developers who have to consider the audience size and engagement while developing the respective smartphone application. All this has a huge impact on the monetization of the mobile application.

6. iPhones and Android smartphones vary in terms of device loyalty

When it comes to device loyalty, iPhones have definitely surpassed the Android smartphones. With nearly 62 percent of iPhone users being highly satisfied with their device, there are just 48 percent users who’re contented with the overall performance of their Android powered mobile devices. Backed by tightly coupled hardware and software, Apple’s iPhone certainly offers a better branding advantage that ultimately leads to higher loyalty. With a history of some finest marketing campaigns, Apple’s iPhones have actually cemented the company’s global image.

7. Strict app policies make iOS a lesser recommended app development platform as compared to Android

Unlike Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS has laid down some stringent policies for app developers. Although this doesn’t mean that Apple has the liberty to remove/decline any app at its will, it certainly becomes a bit risky to invest a great deal of time, money and effort into building an app for the Apple Store. All the apps that are being rejected by Apple Store are actually exposed to a rightaway death sentence, thereby leading to complete wastage of time, money and finance that has been involved with the development of the respective iOS application.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re well acquainted with the key points of difference between Android and iOS in terms of targeted audience, its is better for you to adopt measures that can enable you to come up with absolutely stunning applications for iOS and Android operating system. So, go ahead and make the most of this knowledge for benefiting to the fullest.

Author: Lucie Kruger is an eminent Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for Mobiers Ltd, which offers Android application development services. She provides concrete information on latest technologies like iOS, android mobile apps development.

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    Camilla Andreyeva says:

    I am agreeing your point of views around the ios and android features. you have done an eminent work on their difference. But personally I prefer to use Android Smartphone over the iPhone. Really Nice work. Thanks 🙂


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