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A Guide to Using a Viber Spy by Hoverwatch

Want to spy? Get a smartphone!

Life is full of secrets. We treat it as a normal situation unless we are talking about our work. Few people like when their employees are actually spies. It’s not a secret that you can install a monitoring software on almost any model of a smartphone to track location, and read messages of any person.

It means if someone you want to spy on has a smartphone, you will easily get access to all the correspondence and call records. You cannot install and use a viber spy by Hoverwatch only if you’re using a simple mobile phone without an operating system. If an employee you want to spy on doesn’t have a phone, you need to buy them one. Just surf the internet to find the app you like and trust the most.

After you’ve downloaded employee monitoring software on the phone, you will need to install it. It’s as easy as pie. You will have to take the same steps as you do with any other application. Be careful with free phone trackers as you may install malware on the smartphone and you will not be able to delete it or even uninstall.

How to use a Viber spy?

The spying process using employee monitoring soft consists of a few steps. First of all, you need to think about the reason why you want to take another’s phone. Yes, you have to do it and install the tracker on it. Here are some possible reasons: to take a selfie, to send an urgent message, to make a call. Then you have to check that it’s invisible on the phone. To do this, go to the application manager folder and take a look there. We can congratulate you if there isn’t that very app.

Now you can relax and go home. It’s time to start tracking the phone. Depending on the computer tracking software you’ve chosen, you can get results on your phone or on their website. For example, you can view the location of another’s person on a map with live updates or you can see viber messages. Please mind that the person you’re spying on has to be connected to the internet.

How not to Fail?

If you strongly need to engage in employee tracking and you’re afraid you will fail, try doing this on your phone and download the program from www.hoverwatch.com. Or you can buy a separate phone that you can easily throw away in case of troubles. It’s a good idea to practice with different applications and choose the one that is easier to use. Don’t hurry up and repeat the process if you’re not sure you will be able to do the same quickly with another phone. Take it easy and start computer tracking any phone you wish.

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