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7 iPhone Trends in 2015 to Watch Out For

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the planet, and as Apple has released more and more iterations of its flagship device, the specifications have grown, the features have grown more diverse, and Apple aficionados and technology industry pundits have fallen in love with the product. With 2015 unfolding day by day, the question on many people’s lips is what are the trends that will mark the iPhone during the year? Here they are.

Apple’s much-hyped Watch is set for release in 2015, and the new device will open up a whole new world of features for iPhone and iPad users. The Apple Watch itself will not be very useful without the combined power of the iPhone and users will download apps and updates for their existing mobile devices that will have their functionalities extended for use by the watch.

Big Screens
Phablets, big phones; call them what you will, but more devices will be released this year that are more than 5 inches in size. Market research firm IDC says that sales of 5″ plus devices will increase by 209% in 2015, perhaps signalling an end for tablet computers.

The Internet of Things
This has been a term banded around quite a lot recently, and basically means that homes, fitness bracelets and the like will be able to converse with applications and smart devices. Being able to view your energy usage, check how much food is in your fridge, change thermostat settings and watch your fitness progress; all of these things will come to the fore in 2015 for Apple users.

Security Issues
Analysts at Gartner Inc. last year predicted that more than 75% of mobile apps will likely fail basic security tests y the end of 2015. Due to a lack of investment and continual app updates, many of the applications iOS users use every day for business and pleasure could become compromised, but hopefully these stats should jolt developers into bolstering their products during the year.

Online Gaming
Single player games such as Temple Run, Candy Crush and other offline-focused games may see declines in user numbers this year as more and more people turn to online gaming. Through gaming apps and websites, players everywhere will be playing against others in games such as the fun 1-can 2-can, poker, roulette, and other more social games such as Clash of Clans, perhaps signalling the end to the mass appeal of single player games.

Mobile Payments
Being able to pay for products and services over the internet is something we’re all accustomed with, but in 2015 you’ll be able to pay for things with a swipe of your phone, or even seamlessly as payment services scan for your phone and payment information.

Increased Connectivity
Moving in tandem with wearable tech and the internet of things, more and more objects will be connectable in 2015, outfitted with Bluetooth LE and iBeacon technologies that will allow you to send and receive data wherever you are.

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