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6 Ways to Make Money on Your iPhone

Smartphones have changed our lives in little over half a decade and everyday a new smartphone arrives on the market. In fact, in the UK we’re soon expecting smartphones to account for 75% of the phones in use.

Now, even though most of us spend our times using smartphones to play online games and to look up the weather, there are plenty of apps and platforms out there that can be used to make money too. So, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and lucrative.

Ever fancy testing apps for money, well with passbrains you can. This platform allows anyone with a smartphone to trial some of the latest near to market apps and then offer to provide feedback on what they felt was good, bad or otherwise about the app. This in turn allows the app developers to improve their apps and make them better. The app tester then gets paid money for their help, which needless to say is a pretty good deal for both parties. All users have to do is join the passbrains community and wait for an invitation for participation in an app testing project. It’s a great piece of software and is launching in the UK as we speak.

This app is a sort of compilation of all the perks you can get for doing things online, brought into one place. Perk allows users to earn money from shopping, searching, watching videos and sharing stuff with their friends. The app collects points, which can later be turned into money and in the US has thousands of shops on its roster. It also helps you find coupons and great one off bargains in those shops too.

Money for nothing, it doesn’t seem possible, well that’s until you install Jingit. The app is a simple and effective one that uses your Facebook account to turn it into a large digital billboard. Essentially, Jingit will use your newsfeed for adverts, albeit in a quite subtle manner. You’re renting space and in return will receive a fee for doing so.

One of the best survey apps out there, iPinion offers you credits that can be exchanged for tokens if you complete surveys via the app. Each time you complete a survey you get credits and can use them to buy items. You’re never going to be wealthy completing these surveys but it can be a good way to make a little money on the side.

Earn points that can be exchanged for PayPal cash by watching movie trailers on your phone and then reviewing them. It’s only available in the US at the moment, but we could think of worse things to earn money from.

IconZoomer sets you on-trend tasks to photo and the premise that you then take a photo of the said task and send it to IconZoomer. These tasks can be anything from the latest cool shoes to a dinner at a trendy new restaurant. Every assignment you complete ends in you earning credits and like most of the other apps here, these credits can be exchanged for money.
These are just some of the great cool apps out there at the moment that users can get their hands on and use to make some extra cash. And the cool thing needless to say is that it all can be achieved from the palm of their hands.

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