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6 Unquestionable Advantages of Using a MacBook Air

MacBook Air

MacBook Air is the ultra thin & lightweight laptop that everybody wants to have. I think it is considered the most desirable and reputable laptop of the last two years. Nevertheless, there are several comments about advantages and disadvantages of this equipment and some people don’t like to talk about Apple’s MacBook Air benefits. Even though there are critics –having all the right to say what they want to say— talking about negative aspects of MacBook Air, I consider they must talk honestly. Additionally, they should consider that anything in life is as perfect as you expect and even amazing things in life can have some disadvantages. As a daily user of this laptop I have found several advantages that aren’t in discussion that even most magazine editors agree. Considering all the benefits I and several MacBook Air users around the globe I would like to talk about some of them. All the comments and arguments are based on MacBook Air 2010. Now, keep reading on the following lines and you will agree or disagree with my personal opinion about the MackBook Air.

• Adavantage #1: The first MackBook Air’s advantage I can tell you is this is a very lightweight and easy-to-handle laptop. Everybody is amazed with its portability. The new MacBook Air is an 11-inches laptop very thin and also there are netbooks available having 10-inches.

Adavantage #2: Another great advantage you can find in your new MacBook Air is that it is considered the thinner and lightweight laptop of the world. This is something that can make you feel pretty fine and in most cases it can be very convenient for you because is easy to handle and carry out when you are travelling or something like that.

Adavantage #3: In this new release Apple have not paid attention to increase hard drive capacity because most users think that 256GB is pretty fine. But they have focused on getting the most out of battery lifetime. I personally believe this is an amazing feature because now in the MacBook Air you can have a more efficient battery for using your laptop for more time while you are out of your office.

Adavantage #4: Believe it or not, the price is one of the most significant elements of the MacBook Air because you can have all the features for a very competent price.

Adavantage #5: On the other hand, display features in the new MacBook Air are superior to any other laptop you have ever used.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

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