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6 Best Investment Apps to Manage and Grow Your Financial Portfolio

Making good investment can be a great challenge for investors and this is not some kind of a secret which is never revealed before, thus, everyone knows about it. Since it is greatly challenging, one has to be very wise while making investment choices as the decisions bring grave results in future which might be from good to bad or greatest to worst so one has to be prudent. Investment is not given much importance by younger people because most of them don’t understand much about it so they never give any importance to it, but now the things are changed and new generation has also started to think about their future.

Investment Tools, Apps and Other Services

Investment in stock markets was considered to be too difficult in past, but now it has become quite easier than ever before and you can easily build a better future for you, your spouse or your children. Now you can find a variety of computer, mobile and web apps which help in management of investments. The importance of investment apps and tools has greatly increased in past few years as these investment apps help inventors manage their fund easily and their availability of the best apps is also easy. I have looked everywhere and found some of the top tools and apps pertaining to investment; if you use them, you can easily make the most of your invested money. No matter how much money you have in your pocket if you know the right way, you can make it more profitable for you.

If you are looking for the top Apps which can help you easily manage your entire investment portfolio, you won’t find better apps than the ones mentioned below.

1 – Shares 2
This is one of the simplest ways to check out your current investment position and the best thing about this app is that you don’t even have to wait for long as everything is done quite quickly.

2 – Daily Stocks
Daily Stocks app is fully loaded with stock scans with a variety of prices and volume indicators. This is a premium app and costs $69.99 and is only available for iPad.

3 – Acorns
This can be the best service for those young people who don’t want to get themselves involved in huge brokerage and just want to earn easy money.

4 – CNBC Real-Time
CNBC Real-Time is useful for viewing real-time data as it shows live streaming quotes for 24 hour every day pertaining to future, pre-market and after-hours for equities. The app is available at no cost for iPhone, iPad and Android.

5 – StockTwits
If you are a daily user of social medial networks and love to use the in the first place for everything, StockTwits is an ideal app for you as it shows you the latest tweets related to stocks, so you get to know the latest trends among traders freshly with option to connect to the social network. This is a free app and can be used on iPhone and Android.

6 – Robinhood
This is the first mobile financial service providing company and the most noticeable thing about it is that it brings you stock brokerage but on zero commission basis.

About InvestAsian
InvestAsian is a multinational team of investors, economists and journalists to encourage and assist local and foreign investors to make investments all through Asian countries particular China, India and members of ASEAN. InvestAsian aims to let every investor know worldwide about investment procedures and opportunities in Asian countries. You can pay a visit to InvestAsian here in order to find greater investment opportunities in Asia.

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    Sage Cincaid says:

    Wow, here I was thinking that I’m so out of the loop for not being actively involved with utilizing more technological means for managing my finances and to my surprise, I’ve actually gotten involved in a solid chunk of these. Speaking of which, this actually reminds me that I got an invite e-mail from Roinhood 2 days ago; I better get on that, apparently that’s not easy to get. I also got the invite from Acorns but ignored it. Seeing as how you listed it as a solid one though, I guess it’s worth giving a serious look. I’ve also been using Stocktwits a bit but the main problem I’ve had is actively keeping up with these things once I get an account. Definitely gonna have to start being better about that.


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