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5 Tips for Creating Great Skating Videos

One unexpected — but awesome — use we’ve seen users find for Magisto is skateboarding videos. These days, cameras are everywhere, so it’s rare for a dedicated skater not to have two or three — or a dozen sick videos stashed away on his or her phone or computer. Recently we’ve seen a lot of Magisto-using skaters dusting off those files and uploading them to the service. With Magisto’s automated editing features and easy integration with a host of different sharing options (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and many others), skaters are sending their favorite clips all around the world.

Although Magisto can help you convert any kind of video into a short, convenient clip, you may want to follow some special advice to get the most out of the service when you use it for skateboarding videos. The tips below will help you unlock Magisto’s full potential and crank out awesome skating videos.

  1. Feed Magisto Plenty Of Raw Footage

Of course, you only need one video to get started with Magisto. Bear in mind, though, that you’ve got room for 600 MB of video in up to 16 individual files. With Magisto, it’s easy to mix and match pieces from lots of different vids, so it’s really in your best interest to load up as much footage as you can.

  1. Feel Free To Shoot Everywhere

Skating takes you all over town, so shouldn’t your videos cover an equally wide area? Don’t limit yourself to your favorite skate park; film yourself cruising your favorite spots and showing off your best grinds on rails and curbs all over town. The more varied a final video you can produce, the more popular it will be with viewers — and the farther they’ll spread it by sharing. Check out these free skateboarding videos for some ideas.

  1. Make Sure You Have Variety

It’s not just shooting in lots of different locations that helps — shooting lots of different material is important, too. You’ll need more than just 100 great kickflips to create an interesting video. Film as many tricks as you’ve mastered. Don’t forget to pick up a little cruising footage as well; it helps to tie together your finished Magisto clip.

  1. Share The Love — Put Your Friends On Camera

Unless shooting solo video is your thing, make sure everybody in your group gets a fair amount of screentime. The more people that show up in your Magisto clip, the broader your initial audience is going to be.

  1. Think About Your Soundtrack Carefully

Magisto lets you add a soundtrack of your own to your finished clip. Don’t pull something out of your current rotation at random! You’ll want a song that starts off strong and stays catchy since Magisto syncs the beginning of your video with the start of the song. Different soundtracks can completely alter the mood of your finished clip; make sure you pick something that will make your audience feel the way you want them to.

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