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5 Things to Think About When Buying a Pre-owned Macbook Pro

Everybody knows that Apple is one of the most innovative and remarkable computer brands of the world. Its outstanding model –MacBook Pro—is a very efficient computer which has the prestige of a large community of users around the globe. Even though most people would like to purchase a brand new –in its box— MacBook Pro, we don’t always have sufficient funds for doing that. In that place, we try to get a pre-owned laptop in both local shops and online. Since buying a used MacBook Pro is not the as safe as buying a new one, I would like give you some advices you should have in mind when you are willing to buy a pre-owned MacBook Pro.

Evaluate the computer: One of the most relevant things is checking the computer. If you cannot do that because
you are willing to buy it online the most convenient thing you can do is determine whether the merchant is sufficiently reliable or not. In most cases, people ask additional pictures even videos of the computer to determine the computers conditions.

Ask whether it is refurbished or not: Another important aspect that can affect the price of the MacBook Pro you are willing to purchase, is whether this item is refurbished or not. A refurbished equipment not necessarily is one with low quality but it prices must drop at last a 15% of its current price in the market.

Merchant reputation: Determining the merchant reputation is one of the most significant things you can do in order you can have peace of mind to quietly purchase this MacBook Pro you desire to have.

Compare price against quality: Once you have determine the condition of the MacBook Pro you can compare it with the price of the market. For instance, last month I was checking a MacBook Pro someone was trying to sell. I found that this laptop was pretty fine in terms of performance but it had horrible scratches and physically was in bad conditions. It tells me that quality is not so good and that’s the main reason why you must consider don’t purchase this item or pay less for it.

Consider shipping and handling costs: Another important variable we must consider when buying a laptop –especially when it is online—is the additional costs. Shipping and handling could represent up to 7% of the value of some laptops. If you buy a MacBook Pro for $600 you maybe have to pay up to $30 for shipping and handling and this is important you can make the math correctly with that.

Guarantee: Online merchants sometimes try to make their best in protect themselves with the guarantee. Try to ask a guarantee in order you can save and protect your investment. In most cases, they give you only a 7 days money back guarantee. Try to demand a larger period of time –at least 30 days.

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Mike Wilson, editor-in-chief of AppLecture. Is a sociable and well-wishing person who loves everything to do with Apple. He has the particular interest for the Steve Jobs personality, whose phenomena he tries to solve at his articles. He likes to enjoy his favorite music and movies in his free time, attends entertainments, to go in for sport and other pleasant little things. In private hands - MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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