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5 Home Improvement Apps You Must Know About

They say that technology is designed to make our lives easier. Today, we have applications for basically all the things that we do, even home remodeling! If you are currently tackling a home improvement project, here are some apps that you can take advantage of:

Palettes (Price: FREE)
Paint color matching is the most difficult part of home remodeling. If you wish to find the perfect paint or fabric color, this app will surely be useful for you. With the use of this app, you can grab the colors of designs featured in magazines, websites and pictures. You can then use the colors to match or compare color schemes.

Work Shop (Price: $4.99)
If you wish to buy and source the materials and supplies for the construction and home remodeling, this is the perfect app for you. With the help of this app, the purchasing process will be streamlined. This can be used for purchasing products and tracking orders. In this app, orders, billing as well as the receiving inventory can be monitored in a much more efficient manner. Novice contractors can utilize this in creating a list of future purchases and establishing budget for supplies.

Tap4Renovations (Price: FREE)
Since designing a home can be quite a daunting project to undertake on your own, this app will help you find a contractor for your needs. From finding window contractors like Newman Windows and Doors to hunting an electrical contractor, this is the app to use. Along with the long list of contractors, you can see the contact information of each company. Each call you make will be stored in the app. The app will certainly come handy for comparison shopping and during emergency cases.

Dream Home (Price: $2.99)
Sometimes, home owners run out of creative juices when thinking about the color of their home. In order to get their creative juices flowing, you must take advantage of this app. The Dream Home app features inspiration for the room design, style and color. Interior designers from all over the world have shared their ideas and designs in this application. All you need to do is to browse the various full color photos provided in the app to help you decide what you wish to do with your home.

Home Design 3D by LiveCAD (Price: $5.99)
If you wish to achieve the design of your dream house, then you have to personally choose each and every detail of the interior design. From the kitchen backsplash to the arrangement of the furniture, you will definitely want to work hands on. Designing a home manually can become quite difficult for most home owners. When planning the design and layout of a room, you must have a very vivid imagination, allowing you to envision what the room will look like. With the help of this app, you can be able to do all that as this provides a 2D or 3D image vision of your home. With this, you can get to design the windows, furniture and doors in each room.

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