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10 Unusual Applications Banned by Apple

10 Unusual Applications Banned by Apple

Though Americans do not make iPhone by themselves, they are the most active users of it. Just inhabitants of the Democracy land create and publish the greatest quantity of applications in App Store. The absurd and nonsense of some representatives of this country are brightly shown on pages of Apple applications store as well. It is possible to find here anything: from false loss of weight to the watering timer of Christmas turkey sauce.

But it does not mean that Apple allows such developers to publish and place on its resources everything what they would like. The boot’s on the other leg. Cupertino men of Apple reserve the right to clean from wide access all uninteresting, aggressive or unacceptable at all applications without any prevention.

Today we present 10 apps which you could not find any more in App Store as they were banned by Apple. You will understand for what reasons it has occurred.

1. Driver’s License

Driver’s License

After this application was wide available in App Store during two years, it has removed. The senator’s Bob Casey appeal became the reason of this.

Free app did a model of the driver’s license with any photo of the iPhone owner. This fact has revolted the official. The politician from Pennsylvania has been disturbed by that the pseudo-driver’s license which could come into the hands of swindlers can be printed and used with malicious intent.

“I consider that this application represents threat for public and national safety, and national safety in turn depends on reliability of driver’s licenses”.
– Bob Casey, the senator of Pennsylvania State

2. Buzzed


This app also has been removed from App Store after the appeal of several senators. App gave out the warning to drunk drivers about the nearest police control point.

In March of the last year four senators have written the letter in Apple, Google and Blackberry with the requirement to “finish off” this application as it prompted to drunk drivers an unobstructed way.

By the way, some similar applications existed for iPhone (including Tipsy), but their functional was limited to some concrete city.

Apple and two other companies have decided to remove all disputable applications from the online stores, answering to entreaties of politicians. And henceforth in order not to be criticized by public blames, Cupertino men of Apple have made such amendments in conditions of programs placing in App Store:

All applications encouraging and allowing drink driving, will be rejected.

3. Third Intifada

Third Intifada

The application included videos and stories about Israel with negative meaning. The word “Intifada” in translation from Arabic means “shaking” and concerns two violent performances against Israel in 1987 and 2000. The application has been connected with a web site which was taking part in the organization of armed resistance to Israel. The minister of information of Israel personally called Steve Jobs with the request to remove the spiteful program.

“I am only one of indignant Israelis protesting against kindling of violent acts against Israel. It is offensive for the big group of people”.

Apple has removed the application.

4. Exodus International

Exodus International

This application has caused a violent reaction in the World Wide Web. In 2011 Christian community Exodus International has described their mission on the site as “mobilization of the Christ’s Body in service of good fortune and true in the world, having affected a homosexuality problem”. In other words the application should “treat gays”. No comments.

5. Tawkon


Though the public health still was not defined definitively in a question of harm of mobile phones, anyway it has brought in the list of high-risk devices. By this world concern Tawkon has tried to get a benefit. The Israeli developer of the application has told that it is capable to measure the quantity of radiation radiated by iPhone. But the world never learns the truth as App has been killed on a root by Steve Jobs.

6. Swearport


The support site of this application shows the animated cartoon with the promise to teach everybody to swear in 50 languages. The expressive long finger was not to the taste to the Cupertino men of Apple and it has forbidden “for the rough and offensive content”. Fans of vigorous vulgarism can look for this application on Android Market, it is accessible there.

7. Beauty Meter

Beauty Meter

Users of this application could load the photos on court of other users and receive from 1 to 5 stars for “person”, “body” and “clothes”. But practically it was no marks for clothes considering of its absence. Scandal has got wide publicity when it was found out that almost 5 thousand users have estimated a naked photo of the fifteen-year girl. Apple has waved a stick and the application has been removed from store.

8. I Am Rich

I Am Rich

To have fashionable iPhone in the beginning of the smart phones era already in itself was a status indicator, but after a while it has appeared insufficiently. So, in 2008 in App Store there was the most expensive appendix I Am Rich for $999.99. The application has nothing, except the image of a red brilliant; that is it was absolutely useless. Before the program was removed from the store, eight persons had time to download it: six from the USA and two from Europe. Developers have earned $5.600 and Apple has got $2.400.

9. WikiLeaks App

WikiLeaks App

Do you want to see some confidential government documents? The application WikiLeaks did it by quite accessible entertainment, but only within three days, because it was out of line with the real structure. For such short term it had been downloaded more than 4 thousand persons. According to the developer half of gain has gone on maintenance of the organization WikiLeaks.

Apple has explained removal of the program by that “applications should observe all local laws and cannot give danger to separate groups of the population”.

10. Obama Trampoline

Obama Trampoline

This game corresponded jumping on a trampoline in the White House office of 18 politicians, including Barack Obama and John McCain. In spite of the fact that disrespect was two-party and the developer of the application in every possible way refused from someone’s insult, Apple has removed the game. An official occasion of this was “disrespect to the incumbent and former president of the USA”. Here they are – democracy and freedom of speech in theirs purest display.

These applications are not already presented in App Store, but the world still remembers them. Probably there’s some special thrill.

About the author

Chris Warren is interested in Apple technology and how it works. He writes reviews of the applications for iOS and Max OS X, as well as reviews of different devices and accessories for Apple equipment. His free time he spends in the company of friends and acquaintances, most of the time joking and smiling. In private hands – iPhone 4 and iMac 24.
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