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10 Unknown Facts About Scott Forstall, the Very Young Apple Vice-President

We continue to acquaint you with Apple top managers, which until recently were in the shade of Steve Jobs. It’s time to look at the youngest Apple vice-president (of the platform iOS) – at Scott Forstall. So, ten facts from his biography.

The first fact. Scott’s elder brother, Bruce Forstall for twenty years held position of leading designer of software at Microsoft. Now, imagine what they talk about during family dinners.

The second fact. “He was closer to Jobs than anyone else in the company,” said Andy Miller, who headed the advertising department iAd in Apple.

Scott Forstall

The third fact. Insiders say that Scott has such a strained relationship with the other Apple leaders, including lead designer Jony Ive and the head of Mac unit Bob Mansfield that they agree to meet him only in the presence of Tim Cook.

The fourth fact. His car – silver Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. Exactly the same as Steve Jobs had. For public appearances he has his own dress code: black shoes, jeans and black zip-through sweater.

Scott Forstall

The fifth fact. “One day I called Scott as the main Apple dumb head”, says the Apple software engineer Mike Lee, who left the company last year. “And believe me, it was a compliment.”

The sixth fact. “He knows what he wants and is aimed at getting it,” says AT&T engineering director John Donovan about Scott. “In his ambition, he can be ruthless.” “Scott is a terrific guy,” says Google Vice President Vic Gundotra. “He’s one of the best when it comes to manage a team of operating system developers.”

The seventh fact. According to repute, Tony Fadell, the iPod godfather and the head of the software division until 2005 Jean-Marie Hullot left Apple because of the constant fights with Forstall. Jon Rubinstein, the head of the iPod-division of Apple, who retired in 2006 to Palm, last month, casually spoke to an audience at a party in Silicon Valley. When the Scott name popped up, he abruptly broke off the conversation and left.

The eighth fact. Scott graduated from high school with top grades and had a farewell speech on behalf of students on his promenade. As well as his school love, on whom he married later.

The ninth fact. Before the iPhone 4 device entrance to the market, exactly Forstall assured Steve Jobs to distribute prototypes of this device to their engineers to test them in a real fully connected network. So one of them got to Gizmodo in the end.

The tenth fact. Forstall holds $ 40million in shares of Apple. Brian Marshall, an analyst from ISI Group, said that he lowers the forecast of Cupertino securities, if Scott will leave Apple.

Conclusion. Scott Forstall is not Steve Jobs. But don’t you think that there is something in common between them? Especially when you look at early Jobs…

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Mike Wilson, editor-in-chief of AppLecture. Is a sociable and well-wishing person who loves everything to do with Apple. He has the particular interest for the Steve Jobs personality, whose phenomena he tries to solve at his articles. He likes to enjoy his favorite music and movies in his free time, attends entertainments, to go in for sport and other pleasant little things. In private hands - MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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