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Where to Find Online Tech Deals

There are many sites that provide discounts, but only few sites really take the trouble to double check prices. With big discount sellers like Amazon it is pretty easy to find a good deal every day. Many companies will try […]

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Great Educational Apps for School Students in 2014

Nowadays students who don’t have tablets or smartphones seem to be the exception, rather than the rule. It seems everyone has a device of one kind or another and this is partially owing to the constantly lowered price of these […]

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Apple iPhone’s Most Noted Mishaps

Apple, the most expensive tech company in the world, has changed the way we compute, communicate, work and act. However, like any good tech company it’s had its fair share of mishaps along the way – plenty in fact. So, […]

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iPhone to Big Button Phone – Why Sometimes Less Features Is More

Can Everybody Benefit From Owning A Smartphone? The Apple iPhone is probably the most well known cellular phone on the planet. It can be seen used by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, and is touted to be one […]

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Word cloud - web design

The Top Mistakes Web Design Companies Keep on Making

The large number of websites that are available online can mislead many into thinking designing a website an easy job. However, for a website to be effective and reach its intended target, it must be designed well to allow them […]

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Top 3 Free iPhone Data Recovery for Mac

With the increase in the popularity and sale of ...

Rumors Ripen Yet Again with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Rumors Ripen Yet Again with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

The market is afresh with yet another slew of ...

iPhone SJ

iPhone SJ: The Concept of the Sixth Generation of the Apple’s Smartphone

The trimestrial remoteness hots about the iPhone 5 ...


[App Store] SetBreaker – Force Your Own Brain to Work

Category: Games Developer/Publisher: EzEz Apps LLC Version: 1.0 Price: $0.99 [ ...

Slideshow+ The Smart Assistant at Rest and in Business

[App Store] Slideshow+ The Smart Assistant at Rest and in Business

Category: Photo & Video Developer/Publisher: Shenzhen Socusoft Co., Ltd Version: 2.4 iPhone ...


Three Useful Navigation Apps for the iPad

Disney World Maps - Free Can't find that ride? This ...

Should I Get an iPad or iPad Mini?

The late Steve Jobs once said that he never ...

iPad Mini

The 7-inch Mini iPad: A Round Up of The Rumors, Reports and Specs

Apple is all set to announce its next lineup ...

iPad 3 with the Eyes of Japanese Journalists

iPad 3 with the Eyes of Japanese Journalists

Passions for iPhone of new generation have faded, and ...

iPad 2 at the Price of $8 Million

iPad 2 at the Price of $8 Million

You may be surprised or have a brain freeze ...

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